I’m Back!

If I’m going to be serious about this site and actually getting people to read, I think it’s time to not wait almost 2 years to write.  Last time I blogged, Obama became president.  That’s just sad.  I thought to myself that I would close the curtains and deal with some life issues.  Guess what?! My life has completely changed.  It’s gone through a few more chapters but you are just in time to help me write a whole new one.

Alright people, the Vulvasaur is back!

So much to tell, so little time…

I haven’t written in sometime and a lot of that is due to the fact that work right now is so busy that I come home, eat, and then head to bed. I have decided this course of action is not going to work. A lot has happened over the last month. Let me just give a brief summary.

– I have seen Obama speak

– I have seen Hillary Clinton speak

– Hillary won PA

– More importantly I am not officially legal, sorta

What I mean by sorta, is that even though I am allowed to consume alcohol, pay my bills (which I have been doing since 18), vote, go to war, and do mostly all the rights us American folk have, I am still not allowed to file as a independent on my financial aid forms for college! Now, that for me would be better than drinking.(Slight exaggeration)

Anyways, don’t feel bad, I am sure some wonderful person will help me not be in debt of 50 thousand at the age of 21. (that is funny)

Breaking News: Huckabee concedes and McCain wins the Republican Nomination.

McCain Full Face

Since this happened not very long ago, I decided I would post it on here just in case anyone was wondering and just did not get access to any other news source. McCain is not someone I want in office even though he is pretty moderate. At least he is better than Huckabee.

Oh, and I went to high school with his son…Jimmy if you are out there I say “Hi!” and “You know that I would never vote for your Dad.”

On another note, I ordered my Digital Voice Recorder today! Watch out for some new blogs coming your way.

That is all for now. Stay Tuned!

First Day on the Job…

I started my new job today! I feel like this one will definitely help me figure out what I want to do in life. I am tired and about to go read some Monkey Wrench Gang. I will write more tomorrow so I can update about finishing the final installment of Harry Potter and life in a new place.

Oh, and did everyone hear? Dumbledore is gay!


I now have a Flickr account and have some pictures up. It you want to check it out it is on the Blog roll. At your right. I will updating more throughout the week.

I would like to thank my good friends Anne and Wilson the Cat for making it possible for me to take digital pictures! Oh, and going out of there way to go to the library for me.

The reason for no recent pictures…

I still have not acquired the proper equipment to connect the digital camera to my computer therefore limiting my usage of the camera and also not allowing me to publish pictures online. I am to blame for this problem. Please do not email my assistant. He/She is not to blame.

(I really do not have an assistant. The use of the word is for dramatic affect only)

changing a theme…thought it was easy

I think the reason I am having trouble with this theme changing process is because I do not know where to download it. That is my issue. If only I knew the answer on how to fix this issue; I would be on my way to a new look! I had a dream last night that I was living in Oregon, with all these people from high school, in a really awesome house. I wish I was leaving Indiana, but if only I had the guts to drop out of college and go do what I really want. I want to become a Postal Service Mail Carrier. It might not sound like the greatest job to most people, but I find it not only rewarding working with mail, but a perfect job for me. On the side I could still write, do art, and even do some radio things. In order to accomplish all of that, I need to just get my degree. It just seems like such a long process. I do not quite understand why it takes so long or why I chose the school that I did, but I do know that one day I will be in a location that I find comforting and that I find perfect for me.

Last night…Wilson the cat(a friend of mine) and I tried to go on Skype. It is down or was down and therefore made us have to explore the Internet to find more chatting audio and recording fun. We definitely did have a blast even though we really didn’t talk to as many people as we would have liked. I would say that with all that, we learned a valuable lesson; Always raise your hand.

Besides, my adventures I am sitting at work, my hands smell like packages and mail, and I am very content with that. I am excited for lunch because I am hungry and I am going to have a wonderful Veggie sandwich and probably some salad! hm-mm yummy!

If you are feeling down just get a little help from your friends!!

Too many days away from the computer

I have so much to talk about that this week will be dedicated to what my life consisted of last week. So, I will start off with the first thing of last week that I found so interesting. A friend of mine(Todd) haha. He and I went on Skype.com and enjoyed the glorous World Wide Web and it’s fantastic things it has to offer. Skype is basically a way of communicating to people all over the world about whatever subject you feel is important at the time. You can create your own “chat rooms” if you will and explore, listen, and discuss. Todd and I had a room up and had people just come in and talk about anything that just started coming out in conversation. I have to say that the one person that stood out brought up a subject of this New Age religious beliefs. Though this person denied it being a religion he was talking about Christ and God, plus the factors of his beliefs. Drugs also came up in the conversation which was quite humorous. I definitely want to look up more about this and get back to all of you. I think Wikipedia and Urdan Dictionary might be of use in this research. I just figured out how to use links so it will be my new favorite way giving everyone information. I am at work, so I believe that means I have to go. More blogging tonight. I might go buy a microphone!! woohoo…or go bug one of my friends.

What about lips?

What do you think *****? What? No. Go back. Lips. You love them. I love them. Do you know what I’m talking about. I’m talking about your vagina. Wow. You type really well. I’m talking about the world’s vagina. I’ve been up there. *giggle* Have you? Lets talk about it. Drop me a line in the comments any time you feel necessary. This is my new hobby. Let’s talk about lips, baby! Let’s talk about lips, baby! Let’s talk about all the good things, and the bad things, that make lips. Let’s talk about lips.