93 degrees outside

I have noticed that lately I do not feel as dirty when I do not take a shower everyday as I used to feel. I wonder is it because your body adapts to not taking a shower as much as usual. Hmm, I think this facinating. I think it is my short hair, doesnt need to be washed as much because it doesnt really change from day to day! Oh, the wonders of this hair cut! Thank you for giving me the strength to make decisions on my own.

See what not taking a shower does to me! I think facial hair growing is amazing!

Have I told everyone how much I love wine!!!?

changing a theme…thought it was easy

I think the reason I am having trouble with this theme changing process is because I do not know where to download it. That is my issue. If only I knew the answer on how to fix this issue; I would be on my way to a new look! I had a dream last night that I was living in Oregon, with all these people from high school, in a really awesome house. I wish I was leaving Indiana, but if only I had the guts to drop out of college and go do what I really want. I want to become a Postal Service Mail Carrier. It might not sound like the greatest job to most people, but I find it not only rewarding working with mail, but a perfect job for me. On the side I could still write, do art, and even do some radio things. In order to accomplish all of that, I need to just get my degree. It just seems like such a long process. I do not quite understand why it takes so long or why I chose the school that I did, but I do know that one day I will be in a location that I find comforting and that I find perfect for me.

Last night…Wilson the cat(a friend of mine) and I tried to go on Skype. It is down or was down and therefore made us have to explore the Internet to find more chatting audio and recording fun. We definitely did have a blast even though we really didn’t talk to as many people as we would have liked. I would say that with all that, we learned a valuable lesson; Always raise your hand.

Besides, my adventures I am sitting at work, my hands smell like packages and mail, and I am very content with that. I am excited for lunch because I am hungry and I am going to have a wonderful Veggie sandwich and probably some salad! hm-mm yummy!

If you are feeling down just get a little help from your friends!!

Reading books at a very fast pace…

Today will mark hopefully the third book I have read this week. It is making me feel really good about myself in the fact that I am starting with somewhat basic reading and moving to more challenging compositions. I hope for this summer to improve my pace and also to improve my writing and reading comprehension skills. I feel that this summer is a hopeful learning experience for me and my intellectual abilities! If only someone would tell me what those abilities are!

Please Wizard of Oz!!

Polariod and other wonderful things

Yesterday I went over to a friend’s place so we could hang our Mario Block Party boxes all around campus and to my surprise my friend gave me a wonderful gift. Well, two wonderful gifts. The first being a box of Sparkling water. I know, it sounds crazy but carbonated water is my favorite drink in the world. Maybe not the world but is one of my favorite drinks. Anyways, I then received for free, a Polaroid Camera! That added greatness to my day. Oh and I found out that my Partner doesnt like the word CREAMY! I find that funny and so last night continued to make fun of it until she gave me the look of, “I am getting annoyed with you”. I also last night made a great dinner. It consisted of fake ground beef that I shaped into a Hamburger and put blue cheese in the middle. Then cooked it on a pan lightly oiled. Then instead of hamburger buns we used wheat pitas. I then made salad with olives and poppy seed dressing. Our drink was water. What else have I done that I feel like sharing? Oh, I looked at friend of mine’s pictures and saw a picture of me sleeping. When I have a drinks of alcoholic make up I seem to always end up falling asleep. I am lame.

That’s me, passed out! Thank you Anne for that great picture! There will probably be more where that came from. Well, nature calls!

Boobs are great…I mean Books*

I think the female body is beautiful, no doubt. The fact that our society as a whole is ok with making it seem like some kind of property really gets me going. I really believe that living in Indiana sometimes makes me mad. I have been looking online at a lot of different states and Oregon is really sticking out to me. I need nature and some life loving people who dont care if I love the female body and not because it is property. I am truely enjoying a book I am reading at the moment called The Rules for Hearts by Sara Ryan. It is an easy read because it is a teen fiction book but it’s a sequel to a book I love called Empress of the World. Check Sara Ryan’s blog out. That is all for now. I am getting really tired and have a headache…and want to finish my book.


Just for the record…

Just for the record, I type slower than my brain can work and therefore miss words that I have thought of or at least think I have typed. I have been on edge lately and very responsive to emotions. I do not like to be judged but sometimes feel like I am by people I would not expect to do so. I forwarded 5 envelopes full of mail that people receive at the mail-room but do not pick up. Someone I know says I am too random and just kind of free write. I feel that blogging in a large part is just that. It is blogging what is on your mind, even if it doesn’t make sense. People look way too deep into so many aspects of who you are. What do they really care? They probably don’t. I guess I feel sad in many ways that I really don’t belong where I am at right now. Why didn’t I get into a damn liberal arts school that was small and full of tradition? I came to Purdue for a reason but in the fall; I am not quite sure what that reason will be. I cannot find an apartment and for one thing, I am paying way too much money to go here. I think it is time to read a book to get my mind off all of these things.

tick tock…

Tick Tock, Tick Tock

Time goes very slowly on a friday afternoon. I want to go home or at least get off of work. I have things to do and right now all I am doing is sitting in a cold room that makes me want to take a nap. I listen to the air condition run and it makes me feel even colder. I did do something today that made me feel different, made me feel something I have not felt in a long time. I read my web journal that I had or still have. I want to keep it just because it represents all of my freshman year of college and part of my senior year of high school. I cannot even describe the feelings it gives me. Maybe one day I can. Here it is if you want to read it. I would love to write a book based on them or at least analyze them for what I used to be and compare how I have changed or have not changed for that matter. Vicki’s old blog. That is it! Check it out for yourself. Tick Tock goes that clock but it really does not seem to be moving fast enough. I was listening to an Oasis and again I have that feeling I cannot describe. I wonder what it is exactly. I just got to see huge Spiders eat crickets. I just found out that it takes them up to two hours to eat one cricket and they usually stuff two in there mouth at the same time. AMAZING! Working at this place can get tiring but it’s neat. Well, I have to go run an errand. I will write more later!

People are like flowers, the more they grow, the more beautiful they become.

Looking for an apartment and trying to figure out…

I dont know if I want to live with anyone next year. It is not because I do not like my choice in a roommate, but it is the fact that I want space. I think this next year is going to be hard for me already and I just feel like no matter what living with people is just not my thing. I like my own space, with my own things. I love waking up, and being able to walk around naked if I want breakfast that way. I dont know what I want to do anymore about this situation. If I back out of the person I am living with, I havent really given them anytime. My main concern is living with a dog. They can get very hyper and have accidents and need attention. If I come home before my roommate does, I will feel like crap if I dont take the dog out for a walk. This subject is starting to bother me the more I write about it. Anyone have any suggestions into what I should do? Yesturday I had Thai food that was so spicy. I aslo went to Target and bought a garbage can, a new t shirt(I am wearing it right now), Totinos pizza(99 cents each), eggs, and a long stemmed lighter! It made my day. Oh, and I forgot about the Cereal! I really want some food right now. I did not get to eat breakfast and lunch is not until noon. I just sit here and read the paper and type. I must keep searching for good apartments!

Too little time and no battery charger!

Hello everyone! I am sorry for the long gaps in blogging. It seems like these last couple of weeks of been more busy than planned. In the last two weeks I have started full time at my job, moved out of my apartment, saw my family in Chicago, went to the Shed Aquarium, went to a planetarium, typed on my two typewriters, went to my old high school for the weekend, saw my best friends, got my class ring back, finally fixed the API key, went to Indy, had Dim Sum, read blogs by No Impact Man, danced, listened to music, wore penquin suspenders, got a haircut, and bought veggie dogs and organic milk. I think that is somewhat of my whole two weeks or at least the main points that I remember. To address the subject of my last blog check out this website that I just happened to Google. It describes the New Age point of view, more of a definition if you will. Here is New Age. Let me know what you think of such religious beliefs. I find it interesting; not my cup of tea though. Right now the main subject that is on my mind is my new apartment. A list of things I need to improve my new habitat. A garbage can is my main thing, some trash bags, recycling bins, maybe some new cookware, and well just plain old target shopping. I need a box spring for my mattress and a frame for my futon. I think that this apartment is great. I am sad that I will only have it for the summer and then who knows where I will be. I must go back to work! NOO…actually I love work! Today we got a package of live crickets!! woohoo! Oh, and I can only blog at work because my cat chewed on my battery charger for my laptop!