The time has come…

A lot has changed over the last several months.  I have not written on here, I have moved, and well you know shit happens.  I believe that today is a perfect time to post.

1. It’s Halloween

2. It’s Friday

3. It’s the weekend

4. I don’t want to go to class and work

5. I am still thinking of a costume

6. I miss my website

7.  Retail Sucks

8. I am ready


Have a wonderful day everyone and here is a website for your listening pleasure.  Brought to you by my frequent visits to NPR.ORG

Halloween music

Journalism is calling me everyday…

Everyday whether it’s looking at NPR’s website or listening the stupid all hit music stations I find myself loving journalism, in every form. The way people put their lives on the line to show the truth. Everyday I look at many different news websites in order to get more than just one perspective and as I looked went to the New York Times the first picture that was up was of body bags so close, live action shot of people dead in bags in a shooting that took place in Jerusalem at a school. We sometimes see pictures and just see not thinking of what is taking or behind that lense. One thing that I always tell myself is that if we all live in this world, we have to make an impact. Not environmentally but more politically or just plain for humanity. I find myself more in tune with that lately seeing as my job is making copies. Though, it is much more than that I sometimes feel plained bored. The last couple of days have been pretty good. Anyways, my point is that if we don’t think about what is happening around us or even try to think beyond our lives we can make an impact and a change.

One example that I am going to recall is the Northern Illinois University shooting that took place very close to my hometown. Many of my friends go to NIU and the shooting was a tragedy but how come our country speaks so sadly and puts it all over the news? What about the violence that we are taking apart of that happens every single day in the Middle East. What about all the civilians dying for our call to spread democracy?

The picture

Mothers know how to push your buttons because she created them…

A person I work with told me that after I got off the phone with my mother who happened to call my work to get in touch with me. My mother proceeded to tell me that she is not the type of mother to interfere with my life and that she has her own life and blah blah blah… Though she was telling me about how I should get my priorities in gear even though she has no idea what I do in my day to day life. That was the glory of my day! I would say though that I am excited for the weekend and the Saturday morning farmer’s market and Sunday Breakfast with our friends Wilson the cat and Anne.

Thank (blank) it’s Friday! I need a break from this madness!

I don’t understand why I cannot be 24 yet!

Feeling sick and tired…

Today, I have been sweating non-stop and feel really tired. If I put my head down I bet I would just pass out. I haven’t been sleeping well which is making it very hard in the morning to wake up. My headaches aren’t acting up as usual but my body feels really drained. Hopefully, this is just due to lack of sleep. I still am apartment searching. Soon, I will make a decision. Back to work I go…

Copier machines, placing orders, and sorting and shipping mail…

I would have to say that today has been a fun day at the office. I have done all of the above and even at this moment am learning more about copier machines than I have ever thought I would. I totally see why people can be obsessed with office supplies.

On another note…I checked out of the library a bunch of reading material. The two books that I am most excited about are on the Post Office. One of them is a exam helper guide for becoming a Postal worker. I will be practicing the tests and learning more about my future job. I will keep everyone informed on how that is going. The other book is on the history of the Post Office. I tried to find the book that Wilson the Cat suggested but such luck yet. I will keep searching.

Tomorrow my partner and I are going to the Wolf Park near by and I am very exctied about seeing the Howl night presentation!

I better get back to work!!

Another day of having no meat products!!

Chicago is great!

I went to Chicago this past weekend. It is such a vacation for me. I defintely want to just go up there by myself and ingest the culture. This past weekend I thought a lot about what the Fall is going bring and I am not excited. I just wish that summer could last a lot longer than they feel.

On another note, the other day I made Rice and Beans. I put soy protein in the beans and it came out great! I am very ecstatic about my cooking adventures. I believe Saturday I will go to the Farmer’s Market and enjoy the wonderful produce that should there. I might make some corn tonight with some leftovers! Woohoo! Hmm, maybe some Soy burgers or left over rice and beans or left over soy taco meat! For lunch today I had 2 soy dogs no buns, a bowl full of soy beans with lemon juice, a pita with hummus, and a can of sodium free sparkling water. I think I am on my way to a great vegetarian lifestyle. I am starting to get hungry already which I guess is what you get when you only have good things for your body.

Father Time please slow down the clock for me!! Please!!!!