Friend gets a job…

A friend of mine recently acquired a job and well now she just let it go. The reasoning behind saying goodbye after a week. Let’s make a list.

1. Boss has all the female employees call him “Big Daddy”.

2. Has another Boss who snaps female workers bras.

3. Has the Boss cuss her out in front of guests and proceeds to say “What the fuck do you think I meant?”

I would say that is enough…good-bye asshole!

Society= Sexist

Don’t worry I am an optimist…haha

Let’s talk about sexism again but in my job-training

At my full-time job( I will not disclose the name for privacy purposes), I must take online training courses. As I was working on the courses today I noticed how all the customer scenarios were dealing with Mr. Smith and Mr. Anderson. All of the customers were “businessmen” and the only scenario with a female was one dealing with a cookbook! Now what does that conclude? That men must wear ties and work for businesses while women work in the the kitchen, where they “belong”.

I have to sit there all day tomorrow noticing all that bullshit as I try to finish the damn training.

The Vagina Monologues!

My Partner( an over worked grad student) and I (over worked) have decided to participate in the Vagina Monologues here in State College. It will be taking place at the State Theater on February 17, 2008. The tickets are available at the State Theater website.

All proceed are going to the Centre County Women’s Resource Center. This production is being put by women of the State College community.

We have participated at the university we attended prior but this will definitely be a different experience.

Support all the performances of the Vagina Monologues and look for a performance near you!

My Partner and I are so excited to be getting involved in the community! We can continue to make friends!

There will be more posted soon!

Partner vs. Girlfriend

Words are so interesting. They take several forms to every single person. If someone says the word “tree”, I might picture something completely different than someone else and that in itself makes a meaning.

Let’s discuss the word partner. It is a word that is gender-neutral in saying boyfriend or girlfriend. Such as the phrase significant other.

My Partner or also my girlfriend was talking to a woman about the Vagina Monologues. My partner was discussing that I was interested in getting involved. My partner described me as her “girlfriend” but the person thought she meant a friend that is a girl but if she would have said partner then they would have understood.

If you try to be gender-neutral and say Partner people automatically think you are in a same sex relationship but if you say Girlfriend then you mean a friend. What is wrong with the world and who calls there friends girlfriends?

Answer: Lots of people.

Sexual Harassment “Training”

Yesterday I completed a web-training assessment on sexual harassment. It was a well done training compared to some of the ones I have heard about in other companies and universities.

One of the first problems with the training that caught my eye was the fact that the person being harassed is instructed to confront the person who is making them feel “uncomfortable”. They also said that this should be done in private. Again, let’s think about this statement. If someone is making you feel uncomfortable, confronting them and telling them to stop is not such an easy task. Basically, if someone doesn’t tell the person or persons to stop, then they cannot claim sexual harassment because they have not made it clear that they are uncomfortable. In my opinion this policy is hurting people who are being sexually harassed but are afraid to speak up. Speaking from experience, confronting someone (who in most cases in a job setting is your superior) is easier said than done.

Hmm, Why is sexism everywhere?

l<– this is an ovary. put this in your profile if you know some stupid drama queen that needs her’s punched.

I just copied and pasted this from someone’s AIM account profile. It was at the bottom of the page and the 1 that you see is a pink dot on the profile.

Let’s think for a moment. Ok, time is up. How is this not sexist and falling into the stereotypes that is the face of our society?

What makes me even more upset is the fact that this was in a female’s profile. Should I be surprised?