A long long time…

I must apologize for the fact that I have not written in a month. In all that time, I have moved and am now living in PA. It is crazy how life works. The latest update is that I am now Rat tail free, living with my partner in the tiniest apartment not made for two people and also am realizing that sexism is something that controls every single move I make everyday. It has been a hard transition living in a new place and missing my very good friends that I have made over the years in Indiana but I am on to new adventures and still have those people in my life.

I will not try and write everyday. I also will start posting all the different events that have taken place with some visual media.

New adventures lead to more knowledge!

Moving in 3 days and counting…

I am moving out of Indiana in 3 days. Really 2, due to the fact that I leave Saturday morning. A life changing event is about to take place and I am still in shock. It will be bittersweet for me and yet the excitement is great. I have a plan.

This week my rat tail will come to an end and that will be another bittersweet moment for me.

Feminism I have realized is a true passion of mine. I am the person I am because of this factor.

I will not be writing for a few days more than usual because of the move. Post comments!

Driving helps me feel better…

I have been traveling a lot lately. Not traveling to different countries or anything to that extent but I have been driving a whole lot back and forth from Chicago to my location of residence and to places among Indiana. The driving gives me time alone to think and just be myself in the car. It makes me feel better about a lot of things that are spinning through my head right now.

Something today that sticks out, that I might go for a drive about, is the fact that everyone is a damn critic. People other than yourself, who think they know you, love to make comments. Maybe it is the way it is said that gets me all crazed.

Today I also noticed how paper is wasted all the time. Every time I use the bathroom, I have to use paper to “wipe” away the waste, which then creates more waste. People just throw out paper that could be recycled, i.e. junk mail. Most of all, around the Purdue Campus where you can never find a fucking recycling container, there are always papers on the floors. The Exponent today put a mini-movie poster of a new movie coming to theatres. When people grab the newspaper all the lost papers fall out and are all over the campus. Hmm, maybe that is the point of having them in there, so that someone like me look at the paper. All I know is that this is particularly pestering me at the moment.

What more ranting can I do? The fact that every time I turn on the radio I hear sexism everywhere and people do not even notice because it is so instilled in our culture. The fact that my rat tail is somehow a “guy hairstyle”.

I believe that somehow this ranting will help as I sit here in the cold and quiet mail room. Maybe I should just go for a drive!

Zach gave me a haircut!

Operation Rat tail is in full force for the next 2 weeks. It is almost over. It will go away before I leave for PA, I think? I don’t know; I am getting attached.

I would also like to thank Anne for pointing out my grammar mistakes! I really need to work on them.

Arrests all in one week…nuts

I come on campus and find that every single newspaper in connection with the University all have arrests of students and faculty on them. I go away for a few days and come back to all this ‘wonderful’ news.

In other news; I think my partner wants me to cut the rat tail. I still have more time. I do not want to part. Not yet! Please except me for who I am!!

Oh, and my mom saw the rat tail. It was funny.

Back in Town for a brief time

I never thought that less than 2 days ago I thought that I would be returning back to school, working at my mail-room job, getting used to not having my partner around, and just spending time with close friends. Now, the school part has changed, I am moving, and I do not have my mail-room job.

I am here sitting at my desk in the mail-room and realizing that in another day I will not be working in this place anymore. I will be trying to find studies to do, odd-jobs, and getting ready to move away. I am excited and of course scared, but more excited than scared. I get to move to a new place and change my life again.

I am going to record my next few weeks.

Jeffrey Brown again…

I have a crush on someone who all I know of him is from the graphic novels he produces. I have been reading so much of Jeffrey Brown that at this very moment, my crush on him is definitely keeping me from falling asleep because I just keep reading and reading. This past weekend and the beginning of this week have been filled with several feelings. I finally finished moving into the new apartment. I now have to unpack and get my life together for more wonderful adventures ahead.

Last night, I did something I thought I would never let anyone do to my head. I let Wilson the cat buzz my head. It’s not too short but just perfect. He did an amazing job. My rat tail is growing nicely and now you can see the definition of it flowing on the back of my neck.

I want to write so much about so many things…I think tonight before I sleep, I will type!!!

Jeffrey Brown is helping my day…I guess

Jeffrey Brown is a graphic novel writer. He draws and writes about his life and then makes it into a book. I am reading Unlikely at the moment. I hope that at this current time it is helping my day go by faster. I should be super happy that I got a hair cut and now you can see my rat tail. I should be excited that there is only basically an hour left of work. I should be happy that I have off tomorrow, but guess what…I am not happy. Everything nowadays is about how this and that is Emo. What the hell is wrong with feeling things anymore or writing about them. Now Emo music is not very pleasing in part because the actual music is horrible and the lyrics are not very well thought out. Having emotions and being Emo are different. Point being, just because I am not super happy right now, or am feeling down and worried; does not mean that I cannot talk about what is bothering me. I lost the writing at this very moment.

The Stranger…

I just finished reading the book, The Strangerby Albert Camus. I must let all of you know that I do not particularly like Philosophy but this book is well done and makes you think in a different way. My last Philosophy class ruined me. It definitely did not make me want to ever pick up that subject ever again but I think this reading material just changed my mind.

The rat tail grows everyday…centimeter by centimeter until it will be acknowledged by everyone!

Yesterday was America’s birthday and I had a great time. I think it would have been the same good time with Wilson the cat, Anne, and my partner even if it was not America’s birthday.

I get off of work in an hour!

I will write later…maybe