Journalism is calling me everyday…

Everyday whether it’s looking at NPR’s website or listening the stupid all hit music stations I find myself loving journalism, in every form. The way people put their lives on the line to show the truth. Everyday I look at many different news websites in order to get more than just one perspective and as I looked went to the New York Times the first picture that was up was of body bags so close, live action shot of people dead in bags in a shooting that took place in Jerusalem at a school. We sometimes see pictures and just see not thinking of what is taking or behind that lense. One thing that I always tell myself is that if we all live in this world, we have to make an impact. Not environmentally but more politically or just plain for humanity. I find myself more in tune with that lately seeing as my job is making copies. Though, it is much more than that I sometimes feel plained bored. The last couple of days have been pretty good. Anyways, my point is that if we don’t think about what is happening around us or even try to think beyond our lives we can make an impact and a change.

One example that I am going to recall is the Northern Illinois University shooting that took place very close to my hometown. Many of my friends go to NIU and the shooting was a tragedy but how come our country speaks so sadly and puts it all over the news? What about the violence that we are taking apart of that happens every single day in the Middle East. What about all the civilians dying for our call to spread democracy?

The picture

Happy Holidays…and I don’t mean holy days

I hope everyone enjoys whatever they celebrate. I celebrate a time for celebration. This is the only time of year that you have an excuse to see people run up their energy bill and waste precious energy for the mere joy of trying to see if Jesus will come back to enjoy the party everyone throws for his birth. I must say it is quite a party. I think Jesus is the biggest celebrity of them all. Second comes Brittany Spear’s sister and that is probably just because she is taking “responsibility” at sixteen fucking years old and keeping some cells that will eventually form a human. Funny how all that works out.

In the mist of all that, Happy Holidays everyone and be safe.

Happy World Vegan Day!

Now, I am no extremist and PETA is not an organization for me but I do believe that being Vegetarian and/or Vegan can and will help the planet. November 1st is World Vegan Day

I am currently a vegetarian and so is my Partner. (Credits to my Partner for being a vegetarian for over 4 years) I do eat fish, which many cannot find Vegetarian but it is not a main staple of my eating. I am vegetarian because of the positive affects for my health and environmentally.

Point is, that everyone should take some type of challenge to themselves and stop eating meat for a month or maybe just a week. It can make a difference(*large thumbs up and a cheesy smiling face).

p.s.- October 1st is World Vegetarian Day

More on my PA life…

I finally ordered the digital card reader for the digital camera that I have barely used due to the fact that I have to transfer the pictures to my computer.

I finally ordered my Luna Pads and am very excited for their arrival!

I finally bought a clipper set for home haircuts and my Partner and I buzzed my hair very short on Sunday night. (pictures will come soon)

On Saturday night, my Partner and I dressed up as Peace and Quiet for a Halloween Party. I was a mime, she was a hippie.(hopefully more pictures of that as well)

I have been taking more film pictures lately, which I am adoring.

I think today I will type some letters and read.

Oh, and last night I saw The Darjeeling Limited by Wes Anderson! If you love his stuff, you will love his films, check it out.-Website

That is all the update for now…stayed tuned for more.

Driving helps me feel better…

I have been traveling a lot lately. Not traveling to different countries or anything to that extent but I have been driving a whole lot back and forth from Chicago to my location of residence and to places among Indiana. The driving gives me time alone to think and just be myself in the car. It makes me feel better about a lot of things that are spinning through my head right now.

Something today that sticks out, that I might go for a drive about, is the fact that everyone is a damn critic. People other than yourself, who think they know you, love to make comments. Maybe it is the way it is said that gets me all crazed.

Today I also noticed how paper is wasted all the time. Every time I use the bathroom, I have to use paper to “wipe” away the waste, which then creates more waste. People just throw out paper that could be recycled, i.e. junk mail. Most of all, around the Purdue Campus where you can never find a fucking recycling container, there are always papers on the floors. The Exponent today put a mini-movie poster of a new movie coming to theatres. When people grab the newspaper all the lost papers fall out and are all over the campus. Hmm, maybe that is the point of having them in there, so that someone like me look at the paper. All I know is that this is particularly pestering me at the moment.

What more ranting can I do? The fact that every time I turn on the radio I hear sexism everywhere and people do not even notice because it is so instilled in our culture. The fact that my rat tail is somehow a “guy hairstyle”.

I believe that somehow this ranting will help as I sit here in the cold and quiet mail room. Maybe I should just go for a drive!

Too little time and no battery charger!

Hello everyone! I am sorry for the long gaps in blogging. It seems like these last couple of weeks of been more busy than planned. In the last two weeks I have started full time at my job, moved out of my apartment, saw my family in Chicago, went to the Shed Aquarium, went to a planetarium, typed on my two typewriters, went to my old high school for the weekend, saw my best friends, got my class ring back, finally fixed the API key, went to Indy, had Dim Sum, read blogs by No Impact Man, danced, listened to music, wore penquin suspenders, got a haircut, and bought veggie dogs and organic milk. I think that is somewhat of my whole two weeks or at least the main points that I remember. To address the subject of my last blog check out this website that I just happened to Google. It describes the New Age point of view, more of a definition if you will. Here is New Age. Let me know what you think of such religious beliefs. I find it interesting; not my cup of tea though. Right now the main subject that is on my mind is my new apartment. A list of things I need to improve my new habitat. A garbage can is my main thing, some trash bags, recycling bins, maybe some new cookware, and well just plain old target shopping. I need a box spring for my mattress and a frame for my futon. I think that this apartment is great. I am sad that I will only have it for the summer and then who knows where I will be. I must go back to work! NOO…actually I love work! Today we got a package of live crickets!! woohoo! Oh, and I can only blog at work because my cat chewed on my battery charger for my laptop!

What to do now?

Hello everyone, hope that all loved my audio blogs that were just test runs. I will be doing audio blogs along with writing, so it hopefully will be a nice mix.

Today, I was walking to work, which takes me about 20 minutes. I think the two main reasons I walk, is that number one it is beautiful out and the other, that I feel good at the fact that I am being less of an impact on the world. Now you ask: “What do you mean low impact or no impact?” A couple months ago I read an article in the New York Times. Why do I read the NYtimes? It actually has real news stories besides what is happening at my local University. Anyways, this man and his partner and three year old daughter are trying to live a no impact life, trying to not create waste as much as possible. They dont use toliet paper, dont buy new product, walk or ride a bike and not only are they doing this but they are also accomplishing this in the middle of New York City. After reading about his family and what they are trying to do, I try in my life (not very successfully) to accomplish a low impact on the world. Being on a very low budget is hard but just doing things, like not buying new products, such as clothing or furniture helps. Another thing like going to the farmers market to support local farms is also making a difference. I would love to have stopped with the toilet paper and paper products in general but that habit is very hard for me. I am recycling more and hopefully making a difference somehow to preserve our world. Just shutting off electronics or lights in the house are a lot more energy efficient. So today I want to challenge whoever reads this, to try and make a difference. Think about the waste you create and limit it, day by day. To learn more about what Colin(No impact man) is trying to do and to read his daily blogs. Go to I will keep you posted on how I am doing with this new goal and you keep me posted as well. This summer I feel is going to be a good one!