So much to tell, so little time…

I haven’t written in sometime and a lot of that is due to the fact that work right now is so busy that I come home, eat, and then head to bed. I have decided this course of action is not going to work. A lot has happened over the last month. Let me just give a brief summary.

– I have seen Obama speak

– I have seen Hillary Clinton speak

– Hillary won PA

– More importantly I am not officially legal, sorta

What I mean by sorta, is that even though I am allowed to consume alcohol, pay my bills (which I have been doing since 18), vote, go to war, and do mostly all the rights us American folk have, I am still not allowed to file as a independent on my financial aid forms for college! Now, that for me would be better than drinking.(Slight exaggeration)

Anyways, don’t feel bad, I am sure some wonderful person will help me not be in debt of 50 thousand at the age of 21. (that is funny)

Journalism is calling me everyday…

Everyday whether it’s looking at NPR’s website or listening the stupid all hit music stations I find myself loving journalism, in every form. The way people put their lives on the line to show the truth. Everyday I look at many different news websites in order to get more than just one perspective and as I looked went to the New York Times the first picture that was up was of body bags so close, live action shot of people dead in bags in a shooting that took place in Jerusalem at a school. We sometimes see pictures and just see not thinking of what is taking or behind that lense. One thing that I always tell myself is that if we all live in this world, we have to make an impact. Not environmentally but more politically or just plain for humanity. I find myself more in tune with that lately seeing as my job is making copies. Though, it is much more than that I sometimes feel plained bored. The last couple of days have been pretty good. Anyways, my point is that if we don’t think about what is happening around us or even try to think beyond our lives we can make an impact and a change.

One example that I am going to recall is the Northern Illinois University shooting that took place very close to my hometown. Many of my friends go to NIU and the shooting was a tragedy but how come our country speaks so sadly and puts it all over the news? What about the violence that we are taking apart of that happens every single day in the Middle East. What about all the civilians dying for our call to spread democracy?

The picture

Let’s talk about sexism again but in my job-training

At my full-time job( I will not disclose the name for privacy purposes), I must take online training courses. As I was working on the courses today I noticed how all the customer scenarios were dealing with Mr. Smith and Mr. Anderson. All of the customers were “businessmen” and the only scenario with a female was one dealing with a cookbook! Now what does that conclude? That men must wear ties and work for businesses while women work in the the kitchen, where they “belong”.

I have to sit there all day tomorrow noticing all that bullshit as I try to finish the damn training.

Sexual Harassment “Training”

Yesterday I completed a web-training assessment on sexual harassment. It was a well done training compared to some of the ones I have heard about in other companies and universities.

One of the first problems with the training that caught my eye was the fact that the person being harassed is instructed to confront the person who is making them feel “uncomfortable”. They also said that this should be done in private. Again, let’s think about this statement. If someone is making you feel uncomfortable, confronting them and telling them to stop is not such an easy task. Basically, if someone doesn’t tell the person or persons to stop, then they cannot claim sexual harassment because they have not made it clear that they are uncomfortable. In my opinion this policy is hurting people who are being sexually harassed but are afraid to speak up. Speaking from experience, confronting someone (who in most cases in a job setting is your superior) is easier said than done.

Finally being an adult

Everyday I wake up, lay there for several seconds, finally get up, and eventually leave my apartment thinking that I am ready for the new day ahead. The minute I step outside, I am greeted by the wonderful trees, the beautiful fresh air, and some squirrels. I get into my car, drive my partner to school and then until recently, went back home and sat in front of the computer, put on NPR, and stared at my feline soul-mate.

Now, I have a new job and well, was on a week of Thanksgiving.

I realized so much from just a week. I realized that no matter how much my family might not agree with me or me not agree with them; they will be there. I realized that the friends I made in Indiana and the memories I have created there make me smile. I also realized that no matter how much you want to change, sometimes you just need to act.

My whole life my parents always told me that I would talk the talk but never walk the walk. I guess I did not understand until this moment. I have changed a lot over the last 2 years but one thing that I still have trouble with is taking the talk and putting it into action. You maybe can procrastinate on homework or filing some paperwork, but life never stops. Everyday we grow older, we make events, and we have to take the steps. No one can ever take them for us. I have taken many steps, even ones I was afraid of but at this very moment as I am typing into this space on the World Wide Web, I can feel my stomach turn because tomorrow is a new day and I keep asking myself;”Will I be able to finally walk the walk?”

First Day on the Job…

I started my new job today! I feel like this one will definitely help me figure out what I want to do in life. I am tired and about to go read some Monkey Wrench Gang. I will write more tomorrow so I can update about finishing the final installment of Harry Potter and life in a new place.

Oh, and did everyone hear? Dumbledore is gay!