Journalism is calling me everyday…

Everyday whether it’s looking at NPR’s website or listening the stupid all hit music stations I find myself loving journalism, in every form. The way people put their lives on the line to show the truth. Everyday I look at many different news websites in order to get more than just one perspective and as I looked went to the New York Times the first picture that was up was of body bags so close, live action shot of people dead in bags in a shooting that took place in Jerusalem at a school. We sometimes see pictures and just see not thinking of what is taking or behind that lense. One thing that I always tell myself is that if we all live in this world, we have to make an impact. Not environmentally but more politically or just plain for humanity. I find myself more in tune with that lately seeing as my job is making copies. Though, it is much more than that I sometimes feel plained bored. The last couple of days have been pretty good. Anyways, my point is that if we don’t think about what is happening around us or even try to think beyond our lives we can make an impact and a change.

One example that I am going to recall is the Northern Illinois University shooting that took place very close to my hometown. Many of my friends go to NIU and the shooting was a tragedy but how come our country speaks so sadly and puts it all over the news? What about the violence that we are taking apart of that happens every single day in the Middle East. What about all the civilians dying for our call to spread democracy?

The picture

Breaking News: Huckabee concedes and McCain wins the Republican Nomination.

McCain Full Face

Since this happened not very long ago, I decided I would post it on here just in case anyone was wondering and just did not get access to any other news source. McCain is not someone I want in office even though he is pretty moderate. At least he is better than Huckabee.

Oh, and I went to high school with his son…Jimmy if you are out there I say “Hi!” and “You know that I would never vote for your Dad.”

On another note, I ordered my Digital Voice Recorder today! Watch out for some new blogs coming your way.

That is all for now. Stay Tuned!

The things we should really think about…

I am finally up past 9 at night to have time to write. My life has been full of sleeping early and going to work. A constant cycle that does not seem to change. I am on a quest to make that change so I can finally write and ingest some knowledge from the outside world besides where I reside.

I was exploring Adbusters and came across an interesting article written about the Iraqi War which most of us seem to forget in our daily lives.

Here is the article. Check it out.

Have a pleasant day.

Let’s talk about sexism again but in my job-training

At my full-time job( I will not disclose the name for privacy purposes), I must take online training courses. As I was working on the courses today I noticed how all the customer scenarios were dealing with Mr. Smith and Mr. Anderson. All of the customers were “businessmen” and the only scenario with a female was one dealing with a cookbook! Now what does that conclude? That men must wear ties and work for businesses while women work in the the kitchen, where they “belong”.

I have to sit there all day tomorrow noticing all that bullshit as I try to finish the damn training.

The Vagina Monologues!

My Partner( an over worked grad student) and I (over worked) have decided to participate in the Vagina Monologues here in State College. It will be taking place at the State Theater on February 17, 2008. The tickets are available at the State Theater website.

All proceed are going to the Centre County Women’s Resource Center. This production is being put by women of the State College community.

We have participated at the university we attended prior but this will definitely be a different experience.

Support all the performances of the Vagina Monologues and look for a performance near you!

My Partner and I are so excited to be getting involved in the community! We can continue to make friends!

There will be more posted soon!

It’s 2008!

When you think about the years that have past sometimes it is all one big blur. Lately my life has been clear from start to now. I have been trying to keep myself occupied and therefore soon will be working and getting this site more together.

Fun fact for the New Year: Accu-Weather Forecast is located in State College. It is out in the middle of nowhere giving you your weather update.

Happy New Year!

P.S. I know I am five days late.

Happy Holidays…and I don’t mean holy days

I hope everyone enjoys whatever they celebrate. I celebrate a time for celebration. This is the only time of year that you have an excuse to see people run up their energy bill and waste precious energy for the mere joy of trying to see if Jesus will come back to enjoy the party everyone throws for his birth. I must say it is quite a party. I think Jesus is the biggest celebrity of them all. Second comes Brittany Spear’s sister and that is probably just because she is taking “responsibility” at sixteen fucking years old and keeping some cells that will eventually form a human. Funny how all that works out.

In the mist of all that, Happy Holidays everyone and be safe.