I had a plan and it went to shit…

Tonight, I had a perfect plan.  Lady friend comes over, we watch Glee, friends come and chill for a bit, and then have alone time till Lady Friend goes home.   That plan was not executed properly and now I haven’t watched Glee, Lady Friend left earlier than usual, and I’m just plain annoyed.

I knew that tonight was not going to go as well as today.


I’m Back!

If I’m going to be serious about this site and actually getting people to read, I think it’s time to not wait almost 2 years to write.  Last time I blogged, Obama became president.  That’s just sad.  I thought to myself that I would close the curtains and deal with some life issues.  Guess what?! My life has completely changed.  It’s gone through a few more chapters but you are just in time to help me write a whole new one.

Alright people, the Vulvasaur is back!

The time has come…

A lot has changed over the last several months.  I have not written on here, I have moved, and well you know shit happens.  I believe that today is a perfect time to post.

1. It’s Halloween

2. It’s Friday

3. It’s the weekend

4. I don’t want to go to class and work

5. I am still thinking of a costume

6. I miss my website

7.  Retail Sucks

8. I am ready


Have a wonderful day everyone and here is a website for your listening pleasure.  Brought to you by my frequent visits to NPR.ORG

Halloween music

Friend gets a job…

A friend of mine recently acquired a job and well now she just let it go. The reasoning behind saying goodbye after a week. Let’s make a list.

1. Boss has all the female employees call him “Big Daddy”.

2. Has another Boss who snaps female workers bras.

3. Has the Boss cuss her out in front of guests and proceeds to say “What the fuck do you think I meant?”

I would say that is enough…good-bye asshole!

Society= Sexist

Don’t worry I am an optimist…haha

So much to tell, so little time…

I haven’t written in sometime and a lot of that is due to the fact that work right now is so busy that I come home, eat, and then head to bed. I have decided this course of action is not going to work. A lot has happened over the last month. Let me just give a brief summary.

– I have seen Obama speak

– I have seen Hillary Clinton speak

– Hillary won PA

– More importantly I am not officially legal, sorta

What I mean by sorta, is that even though I am allowed to consume alcohol, pay my bills (which I have been doing since 18), vote, go to war, and do mostly all the rights us American folk have, I am still not allowed to file as a independent on my financial aid forms for college! Now, that for me would be better than drinking.(Slight exaggeration)

Anyways, don’t feel bad, I am sure some wonderful person will help me not be in debt of 50 thousand at the age of 21. (that is funny)