It’s 2008!

When you think about the years that have past sometimes it is all one big blur. Lately my life has been clear from start to now. I have been trying to keep myself occupied and therefore soon will be working and getting this site more together.

Fun fact for the New Year: Accu-Weather Forecast is located in State College. It is out in the middle of nowhere giving you your weather update.

Happy New Year!

P.S. I know I am five days late.

2 thoughts on “It’s 2008!”

  1. Happy 6 days into the new year!

    That’s awesome that you have Accu-Weather; do they give tours??

    I was looking at this website about Centralia, Penn, where a coal mine has been on fire for over 30 years! It’s still on fire! And the town is now defunct, and fucked, as almost everybody had to move, and folks worry the fire will spread to the neighboring town of Ashland. I spent about two hours at that site one night, looking at all the pictures. I can’t imagine living in a mining town, then having that town start to burn from under our feet, and then start sinking!

    Go humans! Fucking up the world!

  2. Damn, everyday I learn about what we do to this world not just the environment but what we do to other people…damn humans!

    I don’t know if they give tours!

    I feel like just driving to Indiana soon! It’s time to see the corn fields again! 🙂

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