Happy Holidays…and I don’t mean holy days

I hope everyone enjoys whatever they celebrate. I celebrate a time for celebration. This is the only time of year that you have an excuse to see people run up their energy bill and waste precious energy for the mere joy of trying to see if Jesus will come back to enjoy the party everyone throws for his birth. I must say it is quite a party. I think Jesus is the biggest celebrity of them all. Second comes Brittany Spear’s sister and that is probably just because she is taking “responsibility” at sixteen fucking years old and keeping some cells that will eventually form a human. Funny how all that works out.

In the mist of all that, Happy Holidays everyone and be safe.

1 thought on “Happy Holidays…and I don’t mean holy days”

  1. I hope your Christlessmas was awesome!

    Next year, we’re thinking of doing something like Festivus a la Seinfeld, only it should go much smoother. The Partner’s particularly looking forward to the “airing of grievances”—“You all disappoint me!”

    I’ll be sending you and Em something…as soon as I get it done!

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