Hmm, Why is sexism everywhere?

l<– this is an ovary. put this in your profile if you know some stupid drama queen that needs her’s punched.

I just copied and pasted this from someone’s AIM account profile. It was at the bottom of the page and the 1 that you see is a pink dot on the profile.

Let’s think for a moment. Ok, time is up. How is this not sexist and falling into the stereotypes that is the face of our society?

What makes me even more upset is the fact that this was in a female’s profile. Should I be surprised?

2 thoughts on “Hmm, Why is sexism everywhere?”

  1. No. Female on female violence is huge. Male on everything else violence is even greater though.

    Once again showing you that the patriarchy never settles for second best.

  2. It could be a dude posing as a woman. With the Internets, one never knows for sure anymore.

    I don’t find it surprising, though.

    Have you read Phyllis Chesler’s Woman’s Inhumanity to Woman? In it, she discusses the interpersonal relationships between friend/friend, mother/daughter, etc., and the cultural ties/basis of much of womens’ interactions with one another.

    Sexism: it’s not just for men.

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