Finally being an adult

Everyday I wake up, lay there for several seconds, finally get up, and eventually leave my apartment thinking that I am ready for the new day ahead. The minute I step outside, I am greeted by the wonderful trees, the beautiful fresh air, and some squirrels. I get into my car, drive my partner to school and then until recently, went back home and sat in front of the computer, put on NPR, and stared at my feline soul-mate.

Now, I have a new job and well, was on a week of Thanksgiving.

I realized so much from just a week. I realized that no matter how much my family might not agree with me or me not agree with them; they will be there. I realized that the friends I made in Indiana and the memories I have created there make me smile. I also realized that no matter how much you want to change, sometimes you just need to act.

My whole life my parents always told me that I would talk the talk but never walk the walk. I guess I did not understand until this moment. I have changed a lot over the last 2 years but one thing that I still have trouble with is taking the talk and putting it into action. You maybe can procrastinate on homework or filing some paperwork, but life never stops. Everyday we grow older, we make events, and we have to take the steps. No one can ever take them for us. I have taken many steps, even ones I was afraid of but at this very moment as I am typing into this space on the World Wide Web, I can feel my stomach turn because tomorrow is a new day and I keep asking myself;”Will I be able to finally walk the walk?”