More on my PA life…

I finally ordered the digital card reader for the digital camera that I have barely used due to the fact that I have to transfer the pictures to my computer.

I finally ordered my Luna Pads and am very excited for their arrival!

I finally bought a clipper set for home haircuts and my Partner and I buzzed my hair very short on Sunday night. (pictures will come soon)

On Saturday night, my Partner and I dressed up as Peace and Quiet for a Halloween Party. I was a mime, she was a hippie.(hopefully more pictures of that as well)

I have been taking more film pictures lately, which I am adoring.

I think today I will type some letters and read.

Oh, and last night I saw The Darjeeling Limited by Wes Anderson! If you love his stuff, you will love his films, check it out.-Website

That is all the update for now…stayed tuned for more.