Driving helps me feel better…

I have been traveling a lot lately. Not traveling to different countries or anything to that extent but I have been driving a whole lot back and forth from Chicago to my location of residence and to places among Indiana. The driving gives me time alone to think and just be myself in the car. It makes me feel better about a lot of things that are spinning through my head right now.

Something today that sticks out, that I might go for a drive about, is the fact that everyone is a damn critic. People other than yourself, who think they know you, love to make comments. Maybe it is the way it is said that gets me all crazed.

Today I also noticed how paper is wasted all the time. Every time I use the bathroom, I have to use paper to “wipe” away the waste, which then creates more waste. People just throw out paper that could be recycled, i.e. junk mail. Most of all, around the Purdue Campus where you can never find a fucking recycling container, there are always papers on the floors. The Exponent today put a mini-movie poster of a new movie coming to theatres. When people grab the newspaper all the lost papers fall out and are all over the campus. Hmm, maybe that is the point of having them in there, so that someone like me look at the paper. All I know is that this is particularly pestering me at the moment.

What more ranting can I do? The fact that every time I turn on the radio I hear sexism everywhere and people do not even notice because it is so instilled in our culture. The fact that my rat tail is somehow a “guy hairstyle”.

I believe that somehow this ranting will help as I sit here in the cold and quiet mail room. Maybe I should just go for a drive!