Copier machines, placing orders, and sorting and shipping mail…

I would have to say that today has been a fun day at the office. I have done all of the above and even at this moment am learning more about copier machines than I have ever thought I would. I totally see why people can be obsessed with office supplies.

On another note…I checked out of the library a bunch of reading material. The two books that I am most excited about are on the Post Office. One of them is a exam helper guide for becoming a Postal worker. I will be practicing the tests and learning more about my future job. I will keep everyone informed on how that is going. The other book is on the history of the Post Office. I tried to find the book that Wilson the Cat suggested but such luck yet. I will keep searching.

Tomorrow my partner and I are going to the Wolf Park near by and I am very exctied about seeing the Howl night presentation!

I better get back to work!!

Another day of having no meat products!!