Chicago is great!

I went to Chicago this past weekend. It is such a vacation for me. I defintely want to just go up there by myself and ingest the culture. This past weekend I thought a lot about what the Fall is going bring and I am not excited. I just wish that summer could last a lot longer than they feel.

On another note, the other day I made Rice and Beans. I put soy protein in the beans and it came out great! I am very ecstatic about my cooking adventures. I believe Saturday I will go to the Farmer’s Market and enjoy the wonderful produce that should there. I might make some corn tonight with some leftovers! Woohoo! Hmm, maybe some Soy burgers or left over rice and beans or left over soy taco meat! For lunch today I had 2 soy dogs no buns, a bowl full of soy beans with lemon juice, a pita with hummus, and a can of sodium free sparkling water. I think I am on my way to a great vegetarian lifestyle. I am starting to get hungry already which I guess is what you get when you only have good things for your body.

Father Time please slow down the clock for me!! Please!!!!