changing a theme…thought it was easy

I think the reason I am having trouble with this theme changing process is because I do not know where to download it. That is my issue. If only I knew the answer on how to fix this issue; I would be on my way to a new look! I had a dream last night that I was living in Oregon, with all these people from high school, in a really awesome house. I wish I was leaving Indiana, but if only I had the guts to drop out of college and go do what I really want. I want to become a Postal Service Mail Carrier. It might not sound like the greatest job to most people, but I find it not only rewarding working with mail, but a perfect job for me. On the side I could still write, do art, and even do some radio things. In order to accomplish all of that, I need to just get my degree. It just seems like such a long process. I do not quite understand why it takes so long or why I chose the school that I did, but I do know that one day I will be in a location that I find comforting and that I find perfect for me.

Last night…Wilson the cat(a friend of mine) and I tried to go on Skype. It is down or was down and therefore made us have to explore the Internet to find more chatting audio and recording fun. We definitely did have a blast even though we really didn’t talk to as many people as we would have liked. I would say that with all that, we learned a valuable lesson; Always raise your hand.

Besides, my adventures I am sitting at work, my hands smell like packages and mail, and I am very content with that. I am excited for lunch because I am hungry and I am going to have a wonderful Veggie sandwich and probably some salad! hm-mm yummy!

If you are feeling down just get a little help from your friends!!

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  1. Good luck with the moving. Indiana seems to suck people in for extended periods of time.

    What do you really want to do with life? Work for the postal service? I haven’t read it yet, but Bukowski wrote about his stint in the industry. The library has a copy, but they say it’s now lost. =( The book’s called Post Office. You should check it out.

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