Too many days away from the computer

I have so much to talk about that this week will be dedicated to what my life consisted of last week. So, I will start off with the first thing of last week that I found so interesting. A friend of mine(Todd) haha. He and I went on and enjoyed the glorous World Wide Web and it’s fantastic things it has to offer. Skype is basically a way of communicating to people all over the world about whatever subject you feel is important at the time. You can create your own “chat rooms” if you will and explore, listen, and discuss. Todd and I had a room up and had people just come in and talk about anything that just started coming out in conversation. I have to say that the one person that stood out brought up a subject of this New Age religious beliefs. Though this person denied it being a religion he was talking about Christ and God, plus the factors of his beliefs. Drugs also came up in the conversation which was quite humorous. I definitely want to look up more about this and get back to all of you. I think Wikipedia and Urdan Dictionary might be of use in this research. I just figured out how to use links so it will be my new favorite way giving everyone information. I am at work, so I believe that means I have to go. More blogging tonight. I might go buy a microphone!! woohoo…or go bug one of my friends.