What to do now?

Hello everyone, hope that all loved my audio blogs that were just test runs. I will be doing audio blogs along with writing, so it hopefully will be a nice mix.

Today, I was walking to work, which takes me about 20 minutes. I think the two main reasons I walk, is that number one it is beautiful out and the other, that I feel good at the fact that I am being less of an impact on the world. Now you ask: “What do you mean low impact or no impact?” A couple months ago I read an article in the New York Times. Why do I read the NYtimes? It actually has real news stories besides what is happening at my local University. Anyways, this man and his partner and three year old daughter are trying to live a no impact life, trying to not create waste as much as possible. They dont use toliet paper, dont buy new product, walk or ride a bike and not only are they doing this but they are also accomplishing this in the middle of New York City. After reading about his family and what they are trying to do, I try in my life (not very successfully) to accomplish a low impact on the world. Being on a very low budget is hard but just doing things, like not buying new products, such as clothing or furniture helps. Another thing like going to the farmers market to support local farms is also making a difference. I would love to have stopped with the toilet paper and paper products in general but that habit is very hard for me. I am recycling more and hopefully making a difference somehow to preserve our world. Just shutting off electronics or lights in the house are a lot more energy efficient. So today I want to challenge whoever reads this, to try and make a difference. Think about the waste you create and limit it, day by day. To learn more about what Colin(No impact man) is trying to do and to read his daily blogs. Go to noimpactman.com. I will keep you posted on how I am doing with this new goal and you keep me posted as well. This summer I feel is going to be a good one!